Appellate Law

Our lawyers are widely recognized for their expertise in appellate law and advocacy.

Earlier in their careers, attorneys Hitt and Hadas served in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Government Bureau where they were entrusted with regularly representing the Commonwealth in appellate proceedings before the Supreme Judicial Court, the highest court in Massachusetts, the United States Court of Appeals and the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Additionally, attorney Drohan has briefed and argued dozens of high-profile cases before the Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court on a wide range of legal issues. Collectively, we have handled well over 100 appeals before state and federal appellate courts including the United States Supreme Court.

Appellate Advocates

We possess not only the right experience but also a unique set of skills that makes us highly effective appellate advocates. First, we can quickly identify the most promising arguments to pursue on appeal. With our more than 50 years of combined appellate experience, we know which arguments are likely to gain traction on appeal and which arguments will go nowhere. Second, we have the legal research skills that allow us to take a “deep dive” into the relevant statutes, regulations and caselaw that will support our clients’ position. Third, because we handle appeals on a regular basis, we are intimately familiar with the numerous procedural requirements that so frequently trip up other lawyers. Finally, and most importantly, we write well-crafted, succinct, and persuasive appellate briefs that give our clients the best chance for success on appeal

Who We Serve

Our firm represents businesses, individuals, nonprofits, trade associations, and government agencies and officials in pursuing appeals, defending against appeals, or in filing amicus (friend of the court) briefs on issues of importance to their interests.