Employment Law & Litigation

We represent employers, employees, supervisors, and co-workers in a wide-range of employment cases brought under state and federal laws.

We regularly litigate claims alleging breach of contract, discrimination and civil rights violations, non-compete clause claims, wage act violations, wrongful termination, as well as other common law and statutory claims concerning employment.

We frequently appear before administrative agencies (such as the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Division of Industrial Accidents, and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office) as well as state and federal courts.

Preventing Court Battles

While litigation must always be an option, our primary aim is to work with our clients to prevent court battles when possible and to take preventative risk reduction steps in their businesses with an eye toward minimizing the threat of litigation..

Objective Assessments

Successful advocacy and advising turns on the facts and the law. Consequently, we provide clients with an objective assessment of the facts, the law, the likelihood of prevailing on a dispositive motion, mediation/arbitration prospects, and settlement possibilities. Many of our cases are resolved by dispositive motions or settlement during pretrial litigation.  But, we are also skilled and seasoned trial lawyers prepared to litigate cases to the fullest extent when necessary.