False Claims Litigation

We represent clients in actions brought against them under the Massachusetts False Claims Act, G.L. c. 12, § 5A et seq. and the Federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729–3733.

These cases, brought by the state or federal government or by whistleblowers (sometimes referred to as qui tam cases), constitute a rising danger to individuals, businesses, and corporations doing business with the government or with government contractors.

The number of these cases has grown continuously over the last several years, and defendants found liable are subject to multiple damages, substantial penalties, costs, and attorneys’ fees. Moreover, contractors found to have submitted false claims may be debarred from public contracting and face criminal charges.

Our Experience

We have represented numerous clients in False Claims Act investigations and negotiated favorable settlements in False Claims Act cases. We also counsel our clients on avoiding and minimizing exposure to allegations of False Claims Act violations, stressing compliance and risk management practices. However, as seasoned litigators with significant experience trying cases for and against the government, we are also uniquely qualified and proficient in litigating and trying such sophisticated and complex cases when the need arises.